Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Simple Facts

How Many Nukes Will It Take To Instantly Annihilate Humanity?

This was taken from:

This basically takes into account the initial blast from nuclear weapons, and doesn't show the after affects, such as radiation or fires and how they would impact human being survival.


  1. Doesn't matter how many they drop. It'll just make us immortal while having no skin. Good trade off.

  2. Interesting, this graph almost makes it seem like they are less potent than we all think. I'm sure they are still very destructive though haha

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  3. This graph is completely nonsensical. It makes the assumption that the only effect of nuclear explosions is a small blast radius. It doesn't take into account the bombs that separate into hundreds of parts to cover a larger area. It doesn't take into account the obvious fact that the weapons would be aimed at urban centers, and it doesn't take into account the environmental after effects such as mass radiation and nuclear winter. Who ever made this chart is either an idiot or more likely works for other interests.

  4. Np I agree, this only takes into account the initial blast and not the lasting affects of nuclear proliferation. thanks for the comments!

  5. Even if this graph is inaccurate, it's still scary to think how many more additional deaths would be caused if it were done properly.