Sunday, August 29, 2010

Apocalypse Preparation Part II

First off let me say that the conditions would have to be perfect in order for this situation to befall humanity. And to be honest I don't know the exact situation that would cause society to fall into chaos. This doesn't mean that it will not happen, at least in some kind of small scale. I'll use Katrina as an example that we're all familiar with. After the hurricane rolled through and the levees broke (very clever placing a major coastal city below sea level...), New Orleans fell into chaos. People took what they could to survive, this was typically viewed as "looting" by media sources hundreds of miles away. I would argue that these people simply were fighting for survival. For the most part these acts of "looting" were acts of desperation by people who had largely been forgotten by the very people supposed to help them in times of crisis. When situations like this arise, due to natural or even man made disaster people will do whatever it takes just to live another day. It's difficult to imagine, but every single human is capable of these simple acts of survival.
In the next series of posts I will elaborate on my personal plans of survival, not "if" this series of events occurs, but when. It's a great idea to have a fall back option. Many people will not be ready to have to take care of themselves. Guess where the government will be when this occurs....they're going to be looking after themselves; just as you should do.

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